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Discover Health Strategies from a Biblical Worldview

Whether you are in great shape and want to stay that way, or in chronic pain, processing a diagnosis, or experiencing mental challenges, this summit is for you! Listen to these 30-minute sessions at your convenience. All of our speakers are here to encourage you, provide you with practical strategies, and keep your focus on Jesus. Gain insights. Discover next steps. Leave eager and equipped to take action now. Grab your training set now!

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Your On-Demand Summit Set Includes:

The 3 Pillars of Emotional First Aid

Trauma happens but YOU can be prepared with Dr. Hannah Kolehmainen's 3 pillars. She'll share her handy triangle using proven scriptural and scientific steps to help you competently administer emotional first aid to yourself or others. Don't miss this session.

Stacking: Save Time by Combining Strategic Self-Care Practices

Do you struggle with finding time for self-care? Join Peggy Ployhar, CEO and recent cancer survivor to embrace a new resolve and creative ideas for strategically building self-care into your own busy life.

Dimensional Wellness: Tracking the 8 Points to Success

After 30 years of obesity, Regina Bartlett lost over 200 pounds. During this session she will help you look at the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, using scripture as a guide, so you can see your true overall wellness. This will provide insights on what areas in particular you can improve.

Breaking Free from OCD: Tips, Testimony & Triumph

Get a bird’s eye view straight into the heart of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) from someone who used to suffer from it. If you’re looking for help on how to cope, heal, and grow your faith in the midst of an OCD-overwhelmed life, this is it.

The Inside Life of An Eating Disorder

Join Sue Bowles to discover how to help someone you love, and you don't have to become an expert. We'll talk about the assumptions, the assessments, and the actions available, and Sue will share her story of OSFED, giving hands-on experience and tools to equip you to make a difference just by being you.

Learn to Honor God with the Body You've Got

To scared to step into God's calling because of some health-related limitation? Start praising God today for the body you've got. Being "less-than-perfect" is the human condition. Join Marnie Swedberg to discover how to move forward, from here, with joy for God's glory and your delight.

Health Care That Won't Break the Bank

Walking out a cancer diagnosis with Jesus, Victoria Chapin will  share practical health care strategies, both preventative and responsive, that cost much less than you might think!

Transition from Worn-Out To Winning

Join Latoya Wiggins to discover how to develop and implement an individualized, winning-woman self-care manual for improved health, peace, and joy in order to serve as the woman God called you to be.

Improved Mental Health: Shame Is Not My Name

Shame creeps in when we are reminded of our past. During this session, Leslie Schonfeld will share the tools you need to keep the lies at bay and the truth in the center of your mind.

Weight Loss Without Willpower: Yes, It's Possible!

You've done the diets. They don't work long-term. Dr. Laurette Willis will show you how to get rid of the weight on the "inside" first so the excess weight on the outside falls away.

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired?

God designed our bodies in such an amazing way. Understanding how to honor the temple we were given is a crucial part of our spiritual walk. Go from surviving to thriving as Jen Miner shares strategies to incorporate into your life today.

Living God's Best For You from Menopause & Beyond

Frustrated with your over-fifty body? Charlaine Martin will help you see how menopause can be a blessing rather than an illness or disease to treat. Discover joy-filled freedom as you become a better steward of your mid-life body to honor God.

How to Take Care of Your Whole Person

Mycel Acquaah-Mensah shares a holistic health approach embracing the spirit, soul and body, because if any of these are deficient or not functioning properly, all the other parts are affected. Come explore exactly how to stay healthy in these three areas of your life.

Holistic Practices for Christians with Chronic Pain

Darci Steiner is a nutritionist with a nerve-pain disorder. She understands pain. Come discover her deep breathing exercises, progressive relaxation techniques, how to retrain your brain, and which supplements help with pain and anxiety.

Beauty Rising: Overcome Brokenness, Childhood Trauma & Chronic Illness

Join overcomer, Elizabeth Clamon, to discover how to trust God through the hard times, how storytelling helps heal traumas, practical tips for healing, and how to praise God no matter His answer.

Busy Brain Syndrome: A Scripture-Based Approach to Mindfulness

Worried? Can't sleep? This session with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith will help you clear the mental clutter and find the peace you desire. Learn 5 strategies to include mindfulness practices within your busy day and start renewing your mind with the word of God.

Healthy Coping Skills for Chronic Struggles

Many are aching for relief from ongoing struggles in life. Crystal  McFadden shares realistic tools and unmatched empathy for those ready for strategic navigation of chronic mind, body, social and spiritual challenges.

Mindful Stress Management: A Key to Improved Health & Happiness

Chronic stress has put many people in an ongoing state of anxiety. Tanya Jolliffe, RDN, LD & CIMHP, shares how stress influences emotions, thinking, body, and behavior and steps to manage the stressors and mitigate responses.

Cancer Survivor Tips for Boosting Your Immune System

During this session, Marla Hartson will share how to pump-up your lymph node system in 60 seconds flat, a surprisingly fun way to increase your cardio health, and the fastest, easiest way to lower your stress while boosting your immune system.

Moving Through Life With Joy, Strength & Motivation

Get ready to move and be motivated in this fun packed session! Join Coach Kate Decker to learn techniques to enhance your mind, body, spirit connection.

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Marnie Swedberg is a mentor to millions, inviting women to, "Come sit on Daddy's lap." Her mission is to encourage you, provide you with practical help and turn your thoughts toward Jesus. 

Minutes with Marnie will fill you with courage, help you clarify your God-given goals, lead to "aha" insights, result in perspective transformation, and literally skyrocket your delight in life.

Marnie is the host of a #1 ranked and featured weekly radio talk show, author of 14 books, has appeared on over 700 media outlets, is a keynote speaker having spoken on six continents, and the founder/director of the Christian Women's Speakers DirectoryLearn more at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is this for?
A. Any woman who wants to address her physical, mental and emotional health from a Biblical worldview. 

Q. What is it?
A. It's a one-day, deep-dive, 8-hour virtual event where Christain Women Leaders share their own favorite insights into living a godly life in the body they've got. Many of our speakers are experts on the topic of healthy living.

Q. I'm having login, sign-up, 404 or viewing issues.
A. Please visit for help.

Q. Do I need Zoom or any other special connections?
A. Not at all. You just watch on YouTube. If you want to participate in the live text chats, you do need a free YouTube account. 

Q. Is there a fee?
A. On "release day" the live sessions are 100% free. The only cost is if you choose to upgrade to the All Access Pass for access to the replays or choose to join Marnie's Mentorship Program (which includes this plus all past/future summits).

Q. What if I want to watch two sessions that are streaming at the same time, or to watch something I can't catch live? 
A. The All Access Pass is perfect for either scenario. 

Q. Is there a guarantee?
A. Absolutely! We're so sure you're going to love it that if you aren't 100% satisfied, you get a full refund, no questions asked, for up to 90 days. Now that's a guarantee! 

Q. A question not addressesd above? 
A. Reach out to [email protected] and we'll get back to you ASAP. Our goal is for you to have an enjoyable, stress-free experience! 

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